Explorer 323 Mobile gateway and the PRISM PTT

EXPLORER Mobile Gateway is an IP-based radio and data communications device that supports satellite/3G/LTE/LAN backhaul and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration to provide seamless switching between available networks in any situation. It is a cost-effective system designed to expand and augment traditional LMR systems that are widely used in Public Safety, Utility, Mining, and Oil & Gas sectors. Cobham PRISM PTT+ Service The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway is managed and configured in the Cobham-managed PRISM Portal. The web-based portal ensures a simple and easy configuration of any EXPLORER Mobile Gateway, no matter its location and with over-the-air updates to vehicles.

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    • A ruggedized and easy-to-use digital Push-To-Talk communication solution.
    • Designed to cost-effectively expand and augment Land Mobile Radio systems.
    • Built-in support for LMR devices to ensure over-the-horizon radio communication.
    • Voice-over-IP technologies optimized for use under difficult satellite or terrestrial link conditions.
    • Automatic voice and data routing between cellular (2G/3G/LTE) and satellite networks.
    • Beyond Line-Of-Sight communication – global coverage



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