Arnold Coster reaches summit

testDutch mountaineer Arnold Coster has reached the summit of the Manaslu. We, at Xtreme Districts are proud and congratulate him with this fantastic achievement.

Arnold: ‘We headed off at 8pm the same evening on the 26th. It is a long climb trough the headwall going to camp 4 at around 7400m. At around 2 am we reached camp 4 and had a small break and continued our climb across the plateau towards the summit ridge. Between 9-9:30 we summited on a beautiful day: perfectly clear and no winds. My satellite communication gear from is working excellent. I am using a Thuraya IP modem for high speed internet. This way I can update social media sites, receive emails and weather forecast. I also have a Thuraya XT satellite phone for phone calls, but I also use this to send “tweets” through their message service if I am high on the mountain’.

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