LT-3100 Iridium Satellite Communications System

The LT-3100 Iridium Communications System is a maritime satellite communication product from Lars Thrane A/S. The LT-3100 system is designed for the professional market (deep sea, fishing, and workboats), but can be used for the leisure market as well. The LT-3100 system meets all standards and certification requirements needed for worldwide maritime satellite communication equipment.

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-Voice, SMS, Data, and Vessel tracking
-2.4 kbit/s and 10 kbit/s compressed data
-Programmable softkeys for e.g. Emergency Service
-Single antenna cable solution (up to 500 m)
-High-performance GNSS/GPS receiver
-Noise-canceling microphone and equalizer for improved audio quality
-Bluetooth interface supporting voice, SMS, and data
-Large 4.3” TFT display supporting day and night modes
-Voice prompt audio feedback
-Firewall and user authentication for high level of security
-Webserver for configuration and maintenance
-Support external LAN Wi-Fi Access Points
-Support external SIP PABX and SIP handsets
-Connectivity of Smartphones, Softphones, and Apps