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SAILOR® RT 2048 (Dis-continued but with limited stock available from Xtra-Link)

The SAILOR RT2048 VHF is a true workhorse, which has for many years been the preferred choice for seamen all over the World. Its compact metal cabinet houses transmitter, receiver and a 6W loudspeaker with clear and powerful audio. The robust push buttons are night illuminated and the large LED channel display allows easy read-out under all conditions. As a result the SAILOR RT2048 VHF is as easy to use as it is sturdy.

Further Description

Choose between scanning facilities or additional 30 private channels. With scanning facilities selected, the operator can easily programme the watched channels into the scanning sequence. The scanning programme can be revised during operation. even during scanning your preference channel, normally channel 16, has full priority.

Dual Watch
Enables the operator to listen out on two channels simultaniously - the selected channel and your preference channel.

Continious Control
Continious turn-style operation of SQUELCH and AF levels ensures optimum resolution.

The front panel has a real push button keyboard with an attractive solid feel and safe finger-guide in the metal front. It's reliable, totally sealed construction with night-time illumination.

The efficient LED-display enabled makes it possible to read channel number and other indications under all conditions. on switch-on, allsettings prior to last switch-off will be redisplayed.

The basic system
As standard the SAILOR RT2048 VHF is delivered with the multipurpose mounting bracket H2077.