21 Mar 2018 12:57 AM


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VSAT redefined
We've imagined the worst to bring you the best 

The new SAILOR 900 VSAT is a powerful, quick-to-deploy, stabilized VSAT antenna system with integrated GPS, advanced Ku-band satcom technology and the highest RF performance in the 1m antenna class. 

Pre-configured, always perfectly balanced, factory tested and backed by our class-leading service and support, the SAILOR 900 VSAT brings reliability and simplicity to maritime professionals, worldwide.

New value added service from Xtra-Link:

  • Various data packages
  • Global coverage
  • Regional coverage

FEATURES                                                                                                          DOWNLOADS
Integration with leading VSAT modem units                                                     Product Sheet
Sophisticated Antenna Control Unit (ACU) featuring multiple
LAN, serial interfaces and diagnostics ports
Built-in Testing (BIT) that monitors performance from start-up,
through continuous operation to shut down
Remote access and diagnostics via SAILOR FleetBroadband